ABOUT US -- Joe's Dustless Blasting

Joe's Dustless Basting is a family owned and operated business run by Joe Botta Sr. and Jr. We are located at 1088 Hamilton Ave, in Waterbury, CT. As professionals we take pride in our work and are epa certified to do lead paint removal and lead abatement.

Our goal is to make all our customers happy and satisfied as we work on referrals and proud to build relationships to earn your future business.

Because we are Mobile, we can access big cities or remote areas making it convenient for our customers and we can handle any type of project.
We Accept All Major Credit Cards...
Call: Cell: 203-591-1971

Dustless Blasting For:

Automotive, Graffiti, Marine, Masonry, Wood, Paint Stripping, Rust Removal, Wood and Metal Restoration...
We Do It All!

Email: JoesDustlessBlasting@gmail.com
Cell: 203-591-1971

Joe's Dustless Blasting

We serve all of Connecticut...
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