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Our Dustless Blaster works very well in auto body shops and collision centers offering the best way to strip paints and epoxy from cars, trucks and automotive parts. Unlike sandblasting that heats up the metal on car restoration and can warp the body of the vehicle our dustless blaster uses water and crushed glass and leaves a perfect finish to the metal that can be immediately primed and prepared for paint.

We are the future of sandblasting and soda blasting. Soda blasting is the other alternative that is not really the answer either due to baking soda being a base and newly engineered paints having many acids in them isn’t the ideal combination for bonding to the metal properly.

We offer great solutions for Powder Coaters that are looking for speed in blasting so they may increase production of the parts they are coating.

We blast with a rust inhibitor which is added to the water while blasting and offers a 72 hour period that prevents the metal from rusting. This allows you to properly prime and paint your vehicle or car parts.

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