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Joe's Dustless Blasting is the perfect solution to abrasively clean your stained concrete, brick, stucco, bluestone patios, and all types of stone with our dustless blasting process. People are amazed with the restoration results we have given them with our system.

Municipalities also use our systen because it can environmentally clean any park, stone stairs, park benches, playground areas, pavers and town buildings. Using our system of water and crushed glass processes we can blast any surface without any damage back to its original luster.

Town highway departments are taking advantage of our dustless blaster using us for graffiti removal, blasting truck bodies, plows, monuments and much more.

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Dusless Concrete Restoration

Sealer, graffiti removal, concrete etching, building restoration, traffic stripe removal, fire damage restoration, swimming pool resurfacing, asbestos abatement, fire lane removal, and more.

Dustless Blasting For:

Automotive, Graffiti, Marine, Masonry, Wood, Paint Stripping, Rust Removal, Wood and Metal Restoration...
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Joe's Dustless Blasting

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