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Dustless Blasting is so versatile that it’s really impossible to list all of its uses. The ability to adjust pressure, use a wide variety of abrasives, and blast wet or dry, makes the possibilities practically endless. This page shows a few items that can’t be categorized under cars, boats, graffiti or industrial use. Really anything that needs to be de-rusted, de-painted, cleaned or restored is possible using our Dustless Blasting system.


Restoring antiques, revitalizing lawn furniture, making statues look more statuesque, making monuments look more monumental, and making old things look new, that’s what Dustless Blasting can do. The unsalvageable can be salvaged, and things that seem too far gone to bother with can be made to look new with less effort than ever before.

Municipalities are also ideal for the dustless blaster as are county and state highway departments, recreation and parks. Religous and Not for Profits are also an ideal match for our restoration services. We can environmentally clean any park, statue, stone stairs, park benches, playground areas, pavers and town buildings. Offering an eco-friendly solution to the many needs your local town or government many need for sandblasting with no dust cloud. Using our revolutionary water and crushed glass process we can blast any surface with any damage back to its original luster.

Town highway departments are taking advantage of our dustless blaster using us for graffiti removal, blasting truck bodies, plows, monuments and much more.

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