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In every community there is a problem with Graffiti. It decreases property values, detracts from your businesses storefront or walls in certain areas and will even discourage customers from visiting a business or specific area of town. It is also very hard for it to be removed by an average property owner.

Pressure washing won’t get rid of it. Sandblasting can destroy the original material. Soda Blasting kills nearby grass and plants. Our Dustless Blasting system will easily eliminate graffiti, leaves the original surface intact, and is eco-friendly to the foliage and environment nearby.

Our dustless blasting graffiti removal system is ideal for property owners, commercial management companies, contractors, municipalities and any of the Dept. of Transportation entities because we offer no dust cloud, mobility and an environmentally safe and green way to clean up this problem that graffiti can cause to our towns, cities and highways. The video will show you how quickly and easily Graffiti can be removed by our Dustless Blasting System.

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Soda Blasting VS Dustless Blasting for Graffiti Removal

A side by side comparison between soda blasting and Dustless Blasting for the removal of graffiti.

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