Truck Restoration

Joe's Dustless Blasting is the perfect solution to abrasively clean all your trucks with our dustless blasting process. Not only trucks but motorcycles, snowmobiles, go carts or anything else on wheels. People are amazed with the restoration results we have given them with our system.


Municipalities are also ideal for the dustless blaster. We can environmentally clean anything and at your location. Offering an eco-friendly solution to the many projects you may have whether personal, residential, commercial, municiple, military or industrial. Using our revolutionary water and crushed glass process we can blast any surface with any damage back to its original luster.

Town highway departments are taking advantage of our dustless blaster using us for graffiti removal, blasting truck bodies, plows, monuments and much more.

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Dustless Blasting For:

Automotive, Graffiti, Marine, Masonry, Wood, Paint Stripping, Rust Removal, Wood and Metal Restoration...
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Joe's Dustless Blasting

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