Blasting Boat Botoms

Joe's Dustless Blasting provides an ecological solution for boat bottom paint removal, restoration and coating removal for your boat projects. We come to where you boat is with our mobile dustless blaster and our Eco-friendly media products such as recycled crushed glass that’s combined with water to make us a dustless system. As and abrasive paint removal system our low psi is enought to remove the paint without damaging the fiberglass, wood or whatever your boat is made of.

Our goal is to satify our customers and make them happy. We work on referrals and count on our clients for future business.

As a Mobile Blasting Unit we are able to access boat yards in cities and towns along the coast or interior lakes and can handle any type of project.

Joe's Dustless Blasting system provides many solutions for surface restoration and coating removal projects. We are professionals and take pride in our work.
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Dustless Blasting For:

Automotive, Graffiti, Marine, Masonry, Wood, Paint Stripping, Rust Removal, Wood and Metal Restoration...
We Do It All!

Cell: 203-591-1971

Joe's Dustless Blasting

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